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We also accept cash, check, credit card or BCBS insurance only



Time Issues:
Appointments are 1 hour though I spend only 45 minutes of that time with you. The balance of the time is used in paperwork, scheduling and billing. I have morning, afternoon and evening appointments and see patients on some Saturdays.

If you arrive over 10 minutes late, please consider this a cancellation and contact us to reschedule.

Cancellation Policies:
Appointment times are always at a premium. Please give 24 hours notification if you must cancel. I charge a $25 cancellation fee in the event that this policy is not met. If you fail to attend 2 sessions without notifying me, I will assume that you intend to terminate services.

Risks of Treatment:
Medicines have side effects-risks that you run when you take that medication. Likewise, there are risks in seeking psychological services. For example, you may initially become more anxious. It is normal to feel reluctant about talking with a stranger about your personal life, but this discomfort will probably lessen as you get to know me. If this is the first time that you have seen a psychotherapist, you may feel greater discomfort. Psychotherapy is intended for basically healthy people who want to improve their lives. People who see me are generally successful persons who seek help in coping with specific issues in their lives such as problems in a relationship, a sense of unhappiness in their lives, difficulties in parenting, or coping with a medical condition. Psychotherapy is a joint effort between the psychologist and the client, the results of which cannot be guaranteed. Progress depends on many factors including motivation, effort, and other life circumstances such as your interactions with family, friends, and other associates. Although most people report benefit from psychotherapy, a minority feel that their condition worsened as a result of treatment. Please discuss your feelings about treatment with me.

Confidentiality and Privacy:
In general, any information you provide to me and to those under my supervision will be released to others only by your written consent. There are certain circumstances, however, when a psychologist is required to disclose confidential information without consent from clients. I will break confidentiality if:

You are a danger to yourself or others
You are a minor, elderly, or disabled person and are being abused.
You have perpetrated abuse against a minor, elderly, or disabled person.
You had sexual contact with a previous psychotherapist or clergy member.
You file suit against me for breech of duty.
You use insurance for payment, and the insurance company requests information about your case.
A court order or other legal proceedings or statute require disclosure.
In order to be compliant with HIPAA rules, you will be given a separate and more
complete statement regarding confidentiality of records.

I am required to maintain records of my work with you. These generally take the form of notes that I make during and after appointments, intake information, written information that you give to me, billing information, and any correspondence concerning your case. These records will not be released without your written consent except in the situations described under Confidentiality and Privacy. You may request a copy of your records, but I will charge for their reproduction.

Billing Practices:
Insurance - Keep in mind that the limits of coverage for mental health concerns vary widely across companies and plans. Your insurance company may have a "preferred provider list" which offers you a discounted rate for choosing one of the mental health providers from their network. I am a member of some of those plans. The decision about whether or not to reimburse you for psychological services is made by your insurance company. When you provide me with information about your insurance, one of my staff will determine the exact benefits to which you are entitled.

Payment at the time of service - Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. If I am a member of your managed care network, you need only pay your co-payment. The balance of your bill will be paid directly to Dr. Cadenhead by your insurance plan. If I am NOT a member of your managed care network, then you must pay the FULL fee, and insurance benefits (i.e., payments) will be sent directly to you. If your portion of the payment for services is not received within 30 days, you may be informed in writing that future services will not be provided, and you may be referred to a community agency or program or other practitioner to continue any needed services. Seriously overdue accounts may be referred to a collection agency.

Monthly statements - Each month you will receive a statement indicating appointments during the month, payments received, and your current balance. Please keep in mind that it may take 6-8 weeks before I will begin receiving payment from your insurance company. Your statement will reflect my regular fee unless reduced by our prior agreement. Any discounts to the fee as the result of my being in your provider network will be applied after payment is received from your insurance company. Fees: The standard fees for my services are listed below. Contractual arrangements with managed care companies or other entities may reduce these fees. If you feel you are unable to afford treatment, please discuss this with me. I can work with you in a variety of ways to make seeing me affordable.

Initial Office Visit, $200 per session
Phone Consultation, $150 per session
Individual Therapy, $150 per session
Family Therapy, $150 per session
Group Therapy, varies by group & headcount
Psychological Testing, varies by assessment
Forensic Testimony $300 per hour, with travel at $75 per hour
School Observation $125 per hour, with travel at $75 per hour
Licensed Professional Counselor, $90 per session
PhD Intern/LPC Intern, $75 per session

Methods of Payment:
We accept cash, check, credit card or BCBS insurance only.



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